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Australian Christian Records is Australia’s first indie record label 100% dedicated to fresh pop music for Christians born this side of 2000.

Aussie Christians already have a lot of choice in their playlists when it comes to worship music and Christian rock, folk and country music, but we want more Christian pop songs made in modern genres such as lofi, retrowave, drum and bass, or big-beat breaks that don't sound out of place on Spotify or the radio.

So, join the movement, connect on Instagram and Facebook, sign up to our Supporter's Newsletter and if you are a committed Christian and a singer, producer, dancer, graphic artist, videographer or have other superpowers you would like to offer, then let's talk!

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Our HQ is Adelaide, South Australia and we support outstanding, young Christian artists, singers, songwriters, producers and other creatives who are starting their careers.

To our artists, we offer free access to studios, mixing/mastering services, music distribution and radio play, gigs, promotions and connections to industry insiders.

We also partner with Heart Song Music Festival in hosting Christian music festivals and in addition to our digital releases, have a goal to publish at least one vinyl record of our work each year.

You can stay in touch with us on Instagram and Facebook or sign up to our Supporter's Newsletter.

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our team

Aaron Duff, Co-Founder & Producer of Australian Christian Records

Aaron Duff

Aaron's music has been played in radio shows and festivals around the world and even featured in film and NFTs.

Since signing his first international record deal in 2014 as A-DUFF, Aaron's earlier productions are well-known in the progressive breaks scene with successive EP's charting Top 20 on Beatport and tracks signed to labels across Europe, the US and Australia.

Inspired by his years living in northern China, in recent years Aaron has become the dj and producer for the Chinese Electronic Music Project pioneering the use of traditional Asian instrumentation in numerous modern dance music genres.


Nathan Stanley, Co-Founder & Producer of Australian Christian Records

Nathan Stanley

Nathan has been creating electronic music under the pseudonym ‘freezedream’ for the last 22 years. 

Always endeavouring to explore various genres, he has performed live, released multiple albums, made contributions to demoscene and video productions and most recently the award-winning Tanglewood video game soundtrack. 

Nathan has a passion for using his gift of music to serve and seeks to use creativity for good, assembling electronic and analogue sounds into pieces that reflect the human experience and shine light in a sometimes dark world.